Vehicle Consistency Reports

inspect offer vehicle consistency reports in Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax, York, Harrogate, Keighley, Skipton and West Yorkshire.

The purpose of a Consistency Report is to determine the damage consistency of two impacted vehicles of the same incident.

Joint Reports:

A joint report is compiled with either the original inspecting engineer (s) or a third party engineer acting on the information provided where there is:

  1.  A dispute as to the consistency of the damage to both vehicles.
  2.  The level of damage sustained.
  3. What damage is deemed as being incident related and therefore does not include any pre-accident damage
  4. Method of repairs: i.e. what panels should be either repaired or replaced with due consideration being given to the vehicles age, condition & damaged component.
  5. Vehicle valuation. It is often the case where both the claimant and the insurer will have significant ideas as to what a vehicle is worth. Whilst the insurer will have access to more meduim than that of the claimant, there is case law that states that a claimant should not be in a worse in respect of his vehicles valuation than before the accident under review.
  6. Repair costs. i.e. to ensure that the agreed repair costs provide the claimant with the opportunity to nominate his own repairer and that such allows for the vehicle to be re-instated to its pre-accident condition or as close as possible.
  7. Repair status: i.e. viable repair, total loss and total loss status, cash in lieu settlements.


Insurance Disputes:

This falls into the same category as a joint report but merely involves direct dialogue with the insurer.


Pre Purchase Inspection: (Registered total loss only)


Post Repair Inspection:


Vehicle Valuations:


A Consistency  Report for accident damaged vehicle is compiled with the provision of the following information: £150.00  plus, dependent of complexity of the claim, exclusive of VAT

  • Details of the of both the claimant & defendants vehicles i.e.
  • Digital images. A minimum of 15 including global ones of the vehicle and close up for the damage.
  • Make
  • Model
  • Registration
  • Mileage
  • Accident date
  • Name of both the claimant & defendant
  • Claimants statement of the accident circumstances
  • Defendants statement of the accident circumstances
  • Witness(s) statement of the accident circumstances
  • Any notes appertaining to the claim.
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